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1952 - 1955


2ndgradeclass.jpg (82772 bytes) inschoolyard.jpg (109301 bytes) partofclass.jpg (134693 bytes) boysclass.jpg (97694 bytes)
  2nd grade class 
in school yard 

another class pic

Boys Class  
easter52.jpg (61925 bytes) mebarbara.jpg (104936 bytes) easter53park.jpg (63828 bytes) roseme.jpg (104800 bytes)
Me and 
Barbara Curtin 
See Woodycrest in background?
    Easter  1952    Anther good shot of Woodycrest and 166th  Easter  w/Roseanne Casey
communion.jpg (110899 bytes) communionmarch.jpg (91106 bytes) viewshyard.jpg (76768 bytes) procession.jpg (66623 bytes)
Communion  Procession to Church  A view of the school yard  Corner of Woodycrest and 167th ?
bcschoolplay.jpg (82147 bytes) classplayfixed.jpg (86263 bytes) classplaymaria.jpg (78635 bytes) Rosebride.jpg (84426 bytes)
Barbara school play  School Play  School Play 2  Roseanne Casey 
 the "Bride" 

bconseesaw.jpg (68877 bytes)

confirmationmarch.jpg (72050 bytes)

confirmationcrowd.jpg (102052 bytes)

TheBishoop.jpg (71959 bytes)
Barbara Curtin 
Spring 1953
 This is between Woodycrest and Nelson   

Any Familiar Faces
 in this crowd? 

Bishop Pernicone

thank you Don for the info


information needed 

Does anyone recognize this fella?  I think his name could be Richard McChaffrey but not sure.  His parents and mine were friends and they lived at the bottom of Anderson.  In fact, I remember that a train (probably the shuttle)  would past right by their backyard.





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