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above photo was taken on 6/22/2001 by me 
from the Manhattan side of the harlem river
I literally just held my camera up high out of the car 


the PICTURES BELOW ARE ONES  that I took on a trip 
through the old neighborhood April of 1986

Click on image thumbnail for larger view 




hb166woodycrest.jpg (78557 bytes) This is facing Anderson Ave from Woodycrest Ave at 166th St. 
hb167woody2.jpg (65009 bytes) Corner of 167th St. and Woodycrest.  Remember Sam's Deli which used to be where the parking lot is now. 
hbwoodyand167.jpg (56516 bytes) Facing down Woodycrest towards 168th St. .  Old Schwab's candy store was on right.   Amazing; building is still there as is the private house right next to it.  That is where the picture of all of us girls was taken on Easter if you saw the pictures in my other website. 
hblookingtowardsnelson.jpg (64893 bytes) 166th St facing towards Nelson. Playground on right and the Methodist Church is on right. 
hbplayground.jpg (87756 bytes) Good Old Playground 166th and Woodycrest 
hbwoodycrest.jpg (56417 bytes) This is facing down Woodycrest from 166th 
locofsamscandstore.jpg (409861 bytes) Remember  Sam's Candy store? Eddie Lavan's building (1141 Woodycrest) is still standing!!!
hbwoodytowardsplaygrnd.jpg (89480 bytes) Another shot of Woodycrest facing from 167th towards 166th St.
hbwoodytowardsSH.jpg (102888 bytes) Woodycrest Ave facing from 164th St. (Church is seen in distance) 
1139fixed.jpg (61466 bytes) My old house on Anderson Ave.  This was taken in '86' but am told they removed the graffiti since then.
shschool.jpg (56368 bytes) Good Old Sacred Heart Girls School 
summitnelson.jpg (60055 bytes) Another shot of Sacred Heart with a glimpse of the Noonan Plaza to your left 
bottomanderson.jpg (128492 bytes) Bottom of Anderson looking up towards 167th St.  Remember the lot on the corner and the big boulder that used to be there.  Now there is a house in its place.
anderson166.jpg (66700 bytes) Another shot of Anderson taken from 166th St.
SacHeartChurch86.jpg (54527 bytes) No Need to title this picture.  It speaks for itself
andersonstepcloseup.jpg (58429 bytes) Another shot of Anderson and steps leading to Jerome Ave  at 166th Street.
churchogden.jpg (61633 bytes) Union Reformed Church on Ogden Avenue  
PS11.jpg (62526 bytes) PS 11  I took this picture because my mother went there
shakespeareave.jpg (56743 bytes) Another shot of Shakespeare across from church
therockonanderson.jpg (54520 bytes) The lot on Anderson  and bottom of 166th St. (looking pretty good I think)
hblibrary1930's.jpg (52032 bytes) These are pictures I found on web of old library.  This one is supposed to be from the early 1920's
hblibraryside.jpg (58152 bytes) Here is another picture circa 1930's
hblibrarytoday.jpg (7907 bytes) And this is the new library.  yuk

houseonwoody.jpg (66015 bytes)

Bunke Mansion (received this info from Peggy Moran).  Thanks Peggy  Hope Lynn enjoys it.

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