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If anyone would like to contribute pictures for this site you can send them to me via and I will add them for you.  The more the better.


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Barbara Curtin Lahart

Margaret Sklaruk Valls

Barbara Curtin & Maureen Murphy Mason

Roseanne Casey

billmargemm.jpg (77104 bytes)

diedrrosenoreenter.jpg (111863 bytes)

edbrian.jpg (79469 bytes)

edmefixed.jpg (105096 bytes)

 Margaret & Bill

Diedre Ryan, Roseanne Casey, Noreen Spellman, Terry Palasits

Eddie Lavan & Brian Donnelly

Susan (me) & Eddie

EileenBarb.jpg (71820 bytes)

eileenbarbgroup.jpg (109516 bytes)

lorrainemarg.jpg (79880 bytes)

mariajean.jpg (102815 bytes)

The Curtin Girls Eileen & Barbara

Some more of the girls

Lorraine Merlino& Margaret

Maria & Jean Muire

maureenandremm.jpg (87579 bytes)

billmargmm.jpg (87823 bytes)

lorrainemerdance.jpg (82797 bytes)

memariaterry.jpg (103164 bytes)

Maureen & Hubby Andre

Margaret & Hubby Bill

Dance Time

Me, Maria & Terry

ronnie.jpg (92548 bytes)

lorrainemm.jpg (107757 bytes)

rosehugsmaur.jpg (93255 bytes)

rosenoreendiedremm.jpg (115796 bytes)

Joan Cahill, Ronnie Walsh, Mary Willmore

Lorraine Merlino

Roseanne & Maureen

Roseanne, Noreen & Diedre

shakeitup.jpg (79918 bytes)

swingtime.jpg (98522 bytes)

terrymaria.jpg (76056 bytes)

terrymaurandrefix.jpg (126995 bytes)

Terry & Maria

Noreen & Roseanne

Maria & Terry

Terry, Maureen, Andre

Tyan_022.jpg (53513 bytes)

class60dwindle.jpg (100699 bytes)

pat&friend.jpg (92916 bytes)

marionpatsy.jpg (106558 bytes)

Joan Stitt A HAPPY GROUP My Cousin Pat Shalvey Pat Shalvey with her sister Marion Shalvey Reddy

class653.jpg (97852 bytes)

mecasey.jpg (71282 bytes) kevingroupmm.jpg (87951 bytes) marion.jpg (90045 bytes)
Fr. Kevin Nelan and class "65" Me and hubby Fr. Nelan and classmates The class of 1938
Marion Shalvey Reddy





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